Home News Nelsonville to Receive 171,000 in H2Ohio Funding to Improve Drinking Water

Nelsonville to Receive 171,000 in H2Ohio Funding to Improve Drinking Water


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio EPA Director Laurie A. Stevenson announced today that the city of Nelsonville in Athens County will receive $171,000 in H2Ohio funding to improve drinking water quality and to upgrade aging water infrastructure.

Nelsonville will use the H2Ohio funding to purchase new equipment that will support the long-term functionality of its drinking water system and help prevent the system from going offline for a significant periods of time.

“Clean and safe drinking water is vital for every community in Ohio, and I am pleased that H2Ohio is continuing to invest in infrastructure and equipment to assist communities like Nelsonville to provide a reliable source of water for residents,” said Governor DeWine.

Governor DeWine also announced today that the H2Ohio program will fund repairs and replacements for failing home sewage treatment systems in Hocking, Jackson, Portage, Ross, and Seneca counties. Health districts in each county will receive $115,000 each to help low- to moderate-income homeowners repair and replace failing household sewage treatment systems.

“Throughout the state, addressing failing household sewage treatment systems – either through providing funds for replacements or upgrades, or the extension of centralized sanitary sewers – is a key goal of H2Ohio,” said Director Stevenson.

Governor DeWine launched H2Ohio in 2019 as a water quality effort to provide clean and safe water to Ohio. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and Ohio Lake Erie Commission each have a significant role in H2Ohio through the natural infrastructure of wetlands, the reduction in nutrient runoff, and increasing access to clean drinking water and quality sewer systems. To learn more, go to h2.ohio.gov.