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NCAAF Profiles: Georgia Bulldogs


College football has some of the most intense fan bases that are incredibly loyal and supportive to their respective teams. This is due to the intense sport which has become a huge part of college athletics programs across the country. 

Some of the most powerful and impressive players on the field are likely to stand out to talent scouts from the NFL. Because of this, NCAAF betting is one of the most intense every season. This is a look into the Georgia Bulldogs within the NCAAF, and how they have shaped the championship through the years. 


Firstly, the Bulldogs have numerous rivals because of their standout skill, powerful team communication methods, and more. Some emerged when the NCAAF was first starting, while others are slightly more recent additions. 

Georgia’s rivalry against the Auburn Tigers is considered to be the Deep South’s oldest rivalry, and it dates back to 1892. This is the NCAAF’s second-most played rivalry, that has been played consistently throughout the years. Georgia is currently leading the series between them and the Tigers. 

Another key rivalry that made headlines in previous years, and that is still happening today, is between the Georgia Bulldogs and Clemson. The two NCAAF teams first faced each other in 1897, and the Bulldogs are currently leading the series. Each school is 70 miles apart, which contributed to their meeting annually for many years. 

Other rivalries come from Florida, which began in 1915. There have also been reports that the competition between Georgia and Georgia Tech is one of “clean, old-fashioned hate”. This is due to the high standards that each school has on their athletics programs, which has historically made for some of the most intense playoffs in the NCAAF, and other college athletics championships. 

Vanderbilt, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee are also some of the Bulldogs’ closest rivals. These rivalries have been dated back to the 1890s. 


Something that made the Bulldogs such intense rivals throughout the years is their highly impressive selection of records within the NCAAF. They are ranked second in all-time bowl wins currently, with 35 in total. 

Not only that, but the Georgia football team have played in a total of 18 different bowls throughout history. These include the Orange Bowl, the iconic Sugar Bowl, and the Peach Bowl.  

Key Players

A team is only as successful and powerful as their weakest link. The Bulldogs had many impressive players who have been celebrated for their achievements. Herschel Walker was one of the most influential players that the Bulldogs have ever seen. 

The running back saw a great deal of success and helped change the team’s approach on the field. Walker earned the 1982 Heisman Trophy, as well as the Walter Camp Award and Maxwell Award. Not only that, but Walker earned All-American honors three times during his career as a football player. 

Similarly, David Pollack helped bring the Bulldogs into the twenty-first century. He earned the 2004 Chuck Bednarik Award, as well as the Lott Trophy, the Lombardi Award, and the Ted Hendricks Award. Despite a short-lived professional career within the NFL, Pollack truly was a stand-out player within the Bulldogs.  


The head coaches of the Bulldogs have played a key role in the team’s success within the NCAAF. Charles Herty was responsible for formulating the team and creating his first varsity football team. 

However, Vince Dooley was widely considered to be the most influential coach that the Georgie Bulldogs have ever seen. This can be seen through his range of coaching awards that celebrate Dooley’s accomplishments. 

These include the Amos Alonzo Stagg Award, the Paul Bryant Award, and of course Dooley’s induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1995. Dooley led the Bulldogs to a huge amount of success, and he played a large role in the team’s origins. It is widely believed that the Bulldogs wouldn’t be where they are today without Dooley. 


The Georgia Bulldogs are some of the most high achieving college football teams within the NCAAF. Thanks to numerous impressive coaches, and players that were able to change the perspective of the game, this team is also one of the longest running college football teams. 

Numerous NFL players started their football career as a member of the Bulldogs, and it is exciting to see what the future holds for this high achieving, historical team. Check out the link above to see how the latest developments can impact the Bulldogs’ position within the NCAAF leaderboard.