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Multi-Agency Enforcement in Ross County Aimed at Impaired Driving and Narcotics Enforcement Successful

Traffic Ticket Police Vehicle - A police cruiser with the lights flashing has stopped a speeding car along the interstate highway and is issuing a ticket.

(CHILLICOTHE) – The Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ross County Sheriff’s Office, US-23 Major Crimes Task Force, Chillicothe Police Department, Chillicothe Drug Task Force, and PORT (Post Overdose Response Team) partnered on May 6 and 7 to remove drugs, weapons, and impaired drivers from Ross County. Partnering agencies focused on narcotics interdiction through aggressive traffic enforcement to stem the tide of overdose
deaths in the county.

“The use of narcotics and other harmful illicit substances continues to devastate our community,” said Lieutenant Melanie L. Provenzano, Chillicothe Post commander. “Our mission during this initiative was to intercept these harmful substances and impaired drivers before they reached our community and caused any further tragedies.”

During the initiative, partnering agencies made over 260 traffic stops, resulting in seven drug cases and one weapon case. The Patrol’s Aviation section also provided overhead surveillance and assistance to all agencies during the initiative.

“The Ross County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing a safe environment for residents and visitors of our county,” said Ross County Sheriff George W. Lavender, Jr. “Working in a coordinated effort with our law enforcement partners to stop senseless deaths associated with narcotics abuse and impaired driving continues to be a main focus for our deputies.”

Awareness and education to citizens about the dangers of drug abuse and impaired driving was a main focus of the two-day initiative, resulting in 12 impaired driving arrests. In addition, five treatment referrals were made for addiction treatment and counseling.

“Officers are committed to keeping our residents and the motoring public safe in Chillicothe,” said Chillicothe Police Chief Ron Meyers. “We are proud of the work which was accomplished with the Patrol and Ross County Sheriff’s Office to remove drugs from our roadways, while also providing education and resources for treatment to those who need it most.”

Roadway safety is a shared responsibility. All motorists can contribute to safer roads by always driving sober, strictly following speed limits, and never driving distracted.