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Motorcyclist in Fatal Accident on Route 104



A major accident has claimed the life of one motorcyclist tonight on State Route 104, south of State Route 762.

According to information obtained from law enforcement on scene, four motorcycles were heading Northbound on 104, trailing behind an automobile. The vehicle suddenly applied its breaks, causing a chain reaction, forcing the bikes to stop abruptly. One bike, driven by Cole (Timothy) Duchin, 23, of Grove City, lost control and veered left of center into the back of a pickup truck.

Duchin suffered fatal injuries. The vehicle who broke abruptly did not stop, and law enforcement is still on the lookout for the vehicle. Anyone who may have information regarding the accident is advised to contact the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office at 740-474-2176, or 740-477-6000




  1. Almost 8 months later, and not one single shred of evidence. Nothing. It’s as if the car disappeared into thin air. The driver of the car gave the lead rider a “thumbs up” after he saw my son get killed. I drove to the accident scene and saw my boy’s broken body in the middle of the road. No one should see what I had to see.
    My only son is dead.
    Can my pleading save one life this riding season?
    Please, watch out for motorcycles. Do not play “games” that may result in a violent death.
    Do not brake check motorcycles, and EVERYONE, please understand the risks that come with speeding.
    This is an agony beyond words. One precious life gone at 23 years of age. One baby girl without her daddy. Many lives ruined.
    Please, please…. Be safe.

  2. This makes me so angry for you. Some idiot did this to my fiancé on the freeway on an off ramp. Brake checked him then sped off as he ragdolled into the grass. People are monsters.

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