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Motive For Murder?


CIRCLEVILLE – In Gregory Hardman’s confession and description of how an attack and death of handicap man Raymond Dixon occured, Hardman said that Dixon was the wrong man that his plan for murder was for a man named Richard Greeno because of “past incidents” we dug into Hardman’s past and found a incident that occured recently that may have been what Hardman described as “past incidents.”

On 9/9/19 two weeks before the attack Officer Travis McKinney was dispatched to 205 West Main Street Apartments, the same apartment that the attack occured in, the victim in this case Richard Greeno. Greeno had made the complaint that someone had entered the apartment he had been staying at and stole his Under Armour backpack and phone case wallet. Greeno claimed he had confronted Gregory Hardman when he came home and Hardman ran upstairs to his apartment.

Police then questioned Hardman and he told police that he, “does not know anything about a blue Under Armour backpack or phone case.” Hardman did allow police to search the apartment and police did not find the items, but Hardman happened to be on the phone with his girlfriend who stated the location of backpack was under a couch cushion along with a gun and brass knuckles. The officer located a B.B. gun and a pair of brass knuckles only in that location.

Hardman then allowed Greeno to also search the apartment for his items and Greeno found his bag under a chair in the back room, his wallet was not located. Hardman’s story changed after locating the item and he said,”he found the bag on the back porch and didnt know it was Greeno’s”

Hardman was placed under arrest for burglary and transported to jail.

Later on that day the officer returned to the apartment and conducted a interview with Hardmans girlfriend and she stated that she seen Hardman with backpack and him going through the contents earlier that day.

Was this incident what sent Hardman into Dixons Apartment on 9/23 with according to his confession the plan to attack and kill Greeno?

Link to the confession:http://www.sciotopost.com/confession-plan-murder-warning-disturbing/