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Morgan County – Man Found Guilty of 21 Counts of Child Sex Crimes Receives 8 Years


Morgan County – On March 07, 2023 a session of the Morgan County Common Pleas Court was held with the Honorable Judge John Wells presiding and Assistant Prosecutor Janna Woodburn representing the State. Defendant Daniel Charles, 34 years old of McConnelsville, Ohio was sentenced after pleading guilty on (3) different cases that consisted of one case of (10) counts of 2nd degree Felony Pandering Obscenities involving a Minor. A second case of (10) counts of 4th degree Felony Pandering Obscenities involving a Minor and a third case of (1) count of Compelling Prostitution, a Felony of the 3rd degree.

Assistant Prosecutor Woodburn addressed the court. The Defense Counsel then spoke and presented mitigation on the Defendants behalf. The Court addressed the Defendant then provided a time for the Defendant to speak on his own behalf. After the customary procedures, Judge Wells handed down his sentence. On the first case of 10 – Felony 2’s he received a sentence of 5 years to 7.5 years on each charge to be run concurrently (together) with each other. The second case of 10 – Felony 4’s, he received 12 months definite for each charge, to be ran concurrently (together) and on the 3rd case of the single Felony 3 he received 2 years definite. All 3 cases will be run consecutively (one after the other) making Mr. Charles’s combine sentence 8 years in a State Correctional Facility with a 447-day jail time credit given.