Home News Missing Girl in “Possible Abduction” Found Within Hours in Columbus

Missing Girl in “Possible Abduction” Found Within Hours in Columbus


Pickaway – A call of a 15 year old girl who had been abducted came into 911 yesterday evening, but when Law Enforcement started investigating a Amber Alert was not announced.

According to standard protocol and legal mandates for law enforcement in missing cases by the Ohio Attorney Generals office a Amber alert would have been issued if law enforcement would have deemed the child was in credible threat. Pickaway sheriff or OSP did not announce a Amber alert for the “possible abduction”

Several hours later the child was located in Columbus Ohio and returned to her parents.

Pickaway sheriff department reported that the abduction portion of the situation is still under investigation at this time.

No one has been arrested and charged with Abduction or Kidnapping crimes in the Pickaway county jail at this time

You can find these rules of standard protocols here: