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MISSING: 13 Year Old Girl From Circleville


Circleville – A family is searching for a 13 year old that ran away this morning and is hoping to get her photo in front of as many eyes as possible for her safe return.

“My little sister ran away from home sometime early this morning. She’s 13 years old. Her name is Vanessa Harris. She’s depressed and suicidal. I hate to put that out there but she is. So I need all my circleville friends and family to help keep an eye out for her. If you see her contact me or Eva Long her mother and the circleville police station. Stay there till they get there. She’s to young to be out in this world alone and I hope she does know that we do love her. So if anyone of your friends are hiding you they will find out and they will be charged. You can hate me for this post but I’m just trying to get you back home safe where you belong. Your mom is scared and so am I. So if you see this please contact us immediately and everyone please share until the police can put out an amber alert for my little sister. And again she ran away from her home in circleville Ohio. This picture is what she still looks like. Please pray she comes home safe”


If you see Mrs. Harris or know where she is please contact local authorities.