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Did You Miss The Dueling Meteor Showers ?


Make A Wish.

If you missed the dueling meteor showers, you’re in luck because now there’s three !

The Southern Delta Aquariids, has been active since July 12th and will linger around until August 23rd. Though this shower has already peaked, meteors still flash across the sky.

The Alpha Capricornids, has also been active, since July 3rd, peaking on July 30th and will fade out around August 15th.

Last but surely not least, Perseids…one of the most popular of all showers. Perseids had begun as of July 17th and last until August 24th, with a peak date of August 12th/13th where we could see 50 to 75 meteors an hour.

When you combine these 3 spectacular meteor showers, it’s a phenomenal sight to see !
So, keep your eyes toward the sky, especially on the night of August 12th.