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Memorial for Survival Flight in Emergency Flight Crash


VINTON -A medical helicopter went down in Vinton County on route to a emergency response around 7:20am the morning of 1-29-19. According to State Highway Patrol the entire crew of three on the survival helicopter were killed in the crash. The flight crew has been identified as Pilot Jennifer L. Topper, 34, of Sunbury; flight nurses Bradley J. Haynes, 48, of London and Rachel L. Cunningham, 33, of Galloway.

Over the months a Memorial was held at the Grove City Nazarene, but not much is know who erected the memorial at the location fo the crash but what is seen is three helicopter shaped memorial stakes each with the names of the three members who died, their position on the aircraft and date of passing. A flag is at the location and a sign that says in memory of survival flight crew.

Federal Aviation Administration said the cause of the crash was from weather.