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Meet New Commerical Point Mayor Allan Goldhardt


COMMERICAL POINT – Commercial point residents have a new mayor elect this morning one that promises he will not be a cell phone mayor but one that will be in the office 25 to 30 hours a week because he believes thats how you do the job correctly. Allan Goldhardt has lived in Commercial Point his entire life and is a former councilman and former mayor.

“Serving as your mayor will be my one and only job,” said Goldhardt on his facebook post.

Goldhardt reminded citizens that Commerical Point much like Circleville is a statutory village which means the council decides what will and will not be done, not the mayor.

“The mayor cannot raise or lower your taxes, blacktop a street, annex any land, build any sidewalks, or spend any money. Those are council decisions. Simply put, the mayor is an elected village employee that reports to council, oversees the day to day operations of the Village and carries out the decisions made by the council,” said the new mayor.

Goldhardt said that when he was in office before not only did he put in hours in his office but he also attended Trustee, Health Department, MORPC, and Pickaway County Mayor meetings, he also attended State Auditor and Ethics Commission seminars.

Unofficial results gave Goldhardt the win with 61% of the votes cast in Commerical Point, over Joiners 39%.