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Mcdonald’s is Offering “Mac Sauce” Cups for a Limited Time

The Saucy Secret is Out: Big Mac Sauce Dip Cups Are Coming to McDonald’s USA (PRNewsfoto/McDonald's USA)

Mcdonalds – People who regularly go to Mcdonalds or former employees already know of the secret hack of asking for, “mac sauce”, or “special sauce” to dip fries into, it wasn’t on the menu but if you asked you could get it. Now Mcdonald’s is rolling out the sauce in dip cups for the first time ever.

According to a release from the company, starting April 27, for a limited time, and only on the App you can get your hands on these dipping sauces. The dipping cups feature retro blue and silver packaging inspired by the OG Big Mac sandwich wraps.

“The Big Mac has been an icon on the McDonald’s menu since it first debuted nationally in 1968, after an Owner/Operator in Pittsburgh, PA came up with the idea for a double burger sandwich. And the fandom for the Big Mac has only grown with time… expanding to menus across the globe, creating social media craze when 10,000 bottles of Big Mac sauce were given away in the U.S. in 2017, and who could forget the classic “two all-beef patties…” jingle we’re all still singing?”

This creamy, tangy, slightly sweet and perfectly dippable sauce will be available at no extra charge with any purchase of Chicken McNuggets. It can also be ordered a la carte to pair with all your go-to McDonald’s menu items.