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Mc Counterfeit – Male Tries to Pay for Mcdonalds with Fake Dollar Bill


HILLSBORO, 05/01/24 – An incident involving an attempted use of a counterfeit hundred-dollar bill at McDonald’s on North Bridge Street has prompted a police investigation, according to initial reports.

Officers were dispatched to the McDonald’s located at 1067 N Bridge St following a report of theft. The case, identified as PD-P2402265, is currently under investigation.

Upon arrival, Officer Tatyana Myers spoke with manager, who recounted the events leading up to the incident. Manager informed Myers that a white male attempted to pass off a counterfeit bill at the drive-thru window. McDonald’s policy dictates that employees cannot accept hundred-dollar bills without a manager present. She was able to discern that the bill was fake and marked it with a counterfeit detection pen.

According to, she informed the male driver that the bill was counterfeit and could not be returned to him. However, due to vehicles in front and behind him, the male was unable to leave the drive-thru line. He claimed to have obtained the bill from a junkyard.

Despite the failed attempt to use the counterfeit bill, the male ultimately paid for his order with a legitimate hundred-dollar bill. He then requested the return of the counterfeit bill, which was refused, citing company policy. She advised him to contact law enforcement if he wished to retrieve the bill.

The male, described as driving a worn burgundy Ford truck, left the scene before police arrived. The counterfeit bill was confiscated and placed into evidence for further investigation and eventual destruction.

At present, there are no further developments in the case, and the investigation remains ongoing