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Hillsboro Celebrates $5.2 Million Grant for Crossroads Park Development


Hillsboro, [Date]—Governor DeWine and officials from the Department of Development and Governor’s Office of Appalachia unveiled exciting news for the City of Hillsboro yesterday as they announced the allocation of $5,204,536 in Appalachian Community grant funds. This substantial grant marks a significant milestone in the realization of the city’s long-envisioned Crossroads Park project.

Years of meticulous planning and collaboration with local stakeholders have culminated in this momentous occasion for Hillsboro. From the initial acquisition of land to comprehensive environmental assessments, and engaging community feedback sessions, every step has been carefully orchestrated to bring the vision of Crossroads Park to life.

The ambitious project aims to transform a designated area into a vibrant community hub, offering an array of amenities for residents and visitors alike. Among the planned features are an outdoor gathering space, an amphitheater, the renovation of an existing building into a community center, a water feature, a playground, and enhancements to the surrounding streetscape.

The centerpiece of Crossroads Park will be its state-of-the-art amphitheater, equipped with a stage, restroom facilities, a separate concession stand, a light and sound booth, and expansive lawns connected by well-laid paths to ensure seamless movement and comfortable seating for spectators.

In a demonstration of holistic planning, the project extends beyond the park itself to encompass the surrounding area. Nearby basketball courts have undergone a transformative facelift, thanks to an investment of over $50,000, while fundraising initiatives are underway to introduce pickleball courts in the future. Additionally, the city recently secured a $1.2 million grant for a Rails to Trails initiative, which will see the development of over 2.4 miles of trails leading directly to Crossroads Park, positioning it as a pivotal trailhead for outdoor enthusiasts.

“The keywords for this project—’Large,’ ‘Impactful,’ ‘Regional,’ and ‘Visual’—have always underscored our commitment to effecting transformational change and laying the groundwork for future development and generational investments,” remarked [City Official]. “Crossroads Park embodies our collective vision for a dynamic and inclusive community space that will enrich the lives of residents for generations to come.”

The announcement of the grant funding heralds a new chapter in Hillsboro’s journey towards revitalization and underscores the city’s unwavering dedication to fostering community growth and prosperity. With construction set to commence, anticipation is high for the realization of Crossroads Park’s transformative potential.