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Matthew S. Shoemaker Found Guilty of Burglary, Acquitted of Rape in Ross County Court


Ross County, OH, June 13, 2024 – Matthew S. Shoemaker, 39, was found guilty of second-degree burglary but acquitted of rape in Ross County Court following a two-day jury trial that began on June 11, 2024.

The charges stem from an incident on October 27, 2023, when a Ross County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to Sulphur Spring Apartments at 988 Sulphur Spring Road in response to a reported burglary and rape. The victim had run to the deputy’s cruiser in tears, pointing out a man fleeing her apartment. Shoemaker was subsequently detained.

The victim recounted that she was asleep, unclothed, in her room when Shoemaker entered. Despite her pleas for safety, he allegedly sexually assaulted her. She managed to push him away when he attempted to remove his pants and fled to a neighbor’s home. Witnesses reported seeing a man attempting to enter the apartment through a window before entering through the door. They also saw a man running from the area after the victim escaped.

During the trial, the jury deliberated and ultimately found Shoemaker guilty of second-degree burglary but not guilty of rape. Following the verdict, Shoemaker was allowed to remain out on bond until his sentencing date on August 2, 2024. As conditions of his bond, he is restricted to Ross County, must report weekly, undergo weekly drug and alcohol testing, avoid establishments that sell open containers, and have no contact with the victim.