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Man Trespassed From WalMart Property for Open Carry


CIRCLEVILLE – At the Beginning of the month shortly after Wal-mart announced its open carry ban on guns a man here in Circleville was seen open carrying with a tactical vest on. He received several calls to the station according to Sgt. Hafey of the Circleville Police department and Hafey said that they checked on him and he had, “No violations, He was just exercising his second amendment rights.”

Several days after that incident he showed up in the police reports again entering a dollar general and was asked to leave and did.

On September 5th Daniel Fish entered the Walmart in Circleville and Pickaway County Sheriff was called. The police escorted the man out of Walmart and was given a trespassed document not to return.

Pickaway Sheriff discussed his right and WalMart’s rights to not allow open carry in stores. He was then given a ride off the property to a location he decided.

Weeks later Sciotopost received multiple messages about the same man walking around Circleville with the same vest and open carry.

Do you think this is a big deal? Why do you think Fish is doing this?