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Man Steals Car, Eludes Police, Wrecks Car and is Still on Loose


CHILLICOTHE – Police are still searching for a man who stole a van, eluded police, crashed the stolen car and ran off on foot.

The hard to catch thief stole the white 2002 Dodge Caravan from Bridge Street BP gas station in Chillicothe around 8 am on Sunday morning. Police were called almost immediately after it was stolen and a BOLO was sent out to police in the area. Around 3 pm Deputies from Pike County spotted the stolen car in Beaver Ohio and a chase ensued. Several other units became involved in the high speed chase. The thief trying to elude the police attempted to ram a officer then veered off the side of the road and hit a tree and him and the vehicle rolled down a 150 foot embankment on Walker Ridge rd.

The vehicle was heavily damaged and somehow the thief was able to escape the accident and run off by foot into the woods. Police dispatched a helicopter to the scene and searched the woods, but did not find him.

One officer over the scanner said that, “I know who it is and I know he’s hurt so we better not leave him down here.”

Police said they have a idea who the man is and are investigating, but as time of this post no new information has come to us that he was caught. If anyone knows of any information on this crime please contact authorities.