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Exciting News Sciotopost Brings on Experienced Weather Forecaster Nick Dunn


OHIO – A Columbus Based Weather group is joining forces with Sciotopost to help inform our area of up to date in the minute weather forecasts. In the past we have shared Ohio News and Weathers posts and worked hand and hand with the forecasters on their site, now we will work even closer. By working together Nick will be posting weather for the Scioto valley directly to the sciotopost page and he will push live critical live events directly to the page. We are super excited to add a much needed weather forecaster to the page! Welcome Nick Dunn!

Hello! My name is Nick Dunn I am a weather enthusiast and forecaster. I’ve been interested in the weather since I was in the 2nd grade. Nature has beautiful and deadly forces, and getting to forecast or experience them is something I have a passion for.

I started Ohio News and Weather as a junior in high school back in 2011. I started out covering just Columbus and the immediate area. As people started finding my page informative, I grew in size and coverage. Then, I started building a team of forecasters who shared the same ambition and goals as myself.

You won’t find me throwing out the “end of the world” or “worst possible scenario” or “code red” forecast ever. Hyping weather is something I will never do. Getting the forecast right is the goal, even if it takes me until 12 hours out to get it right.

Belpark Media formed in 2016 as a group of weather pages sharing the same mindset of always keeping you ahead of the weather, without the hype. You will find forecast graphics, live videos, severe coverage, and much more on all of our pages.

I am excited to get to work on local forecasting for the Scioto Valley! Ohio News and Weather already has a large fan base along US-23, so this is a great opportunity! To find Ohio News and Weather on Facebook Click here: https://www.facebook.com/ohionewsweather/