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Man Says After Second Raw Rotisserie Chicken Bought at Local Walmart He’s Going to Heath Department


CIRCLEVILLE – A local man is upset with his neighborhood Wal-mart after getting a second rotisserie chicken that is raw inside.

Jeff Bache says this isn’t the first time it has happened. He bought a rotisserie chicken from Walmart several months ago that was obviously raw inside and took it back to the store. The manager replaced the chicken and said, “they were getting a new rotisserie oven and will make sure the chicken is cooked properly. He thanked me for not taking it to the board of health.”

Well fast forward to yesterday July 9, 2019, when his wife Susan bought a chicken, and it turned out raw, “it was the last one, but the lady said they have the next batch coming out in 30 minutes. She left with one supposedly cooked bird.” Bache said he didn’t know how many chickens were sold out of the batch that he received a raw chicken from.

Bache says he buys rotisserie chickens all the time sometimes in Circleville and some in Chillicothe and says Chillicothe he hasn’t had this issue.

According to an article published by the California educational television channel KCET, the golden, juicy rotisserie chickens in grocery stores are often the unsold raw chickens that are about to expire. By selling them at a lower price, grocery stores make less money than they would on raw birds, but way more money than they would if they tossed the chickens out.

Repurposing unsold products is pretty common in grocery stores. Supermarket consultants have admitted that vegetables and meat are often thrown into premade salads or deli items to minimize waste. Even rotisserie chickens that don’t sell are chopped up and thrown into creamy chicken salad!