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Man Says Hes, “Scared of the Cops,” is Why He Ran from Pickaway Sheriff Deputy


Pickaway County – A man pleaded not guilty in court this week to an incident that occurred around Pumpkin Showtime.

Around 5 pm on 10-23-22 Pickaway County sheriff’s department deputy attempted to stop a Cadillac heading south on US-23 for a traffic violation, the driver pulled into Roosters off US-23 when the deputy went up to the vehicle to ask the man for his ID he asked him what he was stopped for then shortly afterward sped away.

The deputy reported that he almost hit a person in the parking lot of the Roosters at that time.

Just minutes after the deputy realized that the suspect was not going to stop he called ahead to other units in the area, another unit was close by and was on the cloverleaf by Circleville downtown and joined in the chase.

Speeds were reported over 70 mph, and the chase ended around Radcliff road on US-23 when the driver pulled over and gave up peacefully.

According to the charges, the reason for the stop was because of his display of the license plate on the vehicle.

After the stop, the man was asked why he took off from the police because he didn’t have any warrants or any reason to run. The man said he was heading to his grandma’s house in Ross County, and he was scared of police that’s why he ran.

Rakim, Willis was arrested and charged with failure to comply with order or signal and display of license plates. He is currently in Pickaway County Jail awaiting court in the AM