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Man Arrested After Stealing Gun, Leading Police on Foot Chase in Ross County


Chillicothe, Ohio (February 20, 2024) – A tense afternoon unfolded in downtown Chillicothe yesterday after a man allegedly snatched a handgun from a Speedway gas station and sprinted away. The suspect, identified as Christian Butterbaugh, led police on a foot chase through alleyways before being apprehended.

Chaos at the Speedway:

Witnesses at the Speedway on North Bridge Street alerted authorities after spotting Butterbaugh allegedly making off with a firearm. Donning a hooded sweatshirt and dark clothing, he disappeared into the labyrinthine alleys behind the gas station. Officer Kight, responding to the call, swiftly started piecing together the suspect’s description and began scouring the area, while another officer obtained details from the shaken victim.

Foot Pursuit in the Alleys:

An eagle-eyed officer patrolling the backstreets noticed a figure matching Butterbaugh’s description darting down an alleyway. Recognizing the backpack and black sweatpants mentioned by Officer Kight, the officer attempted a traffic stop, but Butterbaugh, seemingly spooked, took off again. A thrilling chase ensued, weaving through narrow passages before backup arrived, and Butterbaugh was finally cornered.

Confession and Evidence Recovery:

Butterbaugh, after being advised of his rights, admitted to tossing the gun during the chase. Officers, guided by his confession, located a pink SCCY 9mm handgun with a red dot sight in a nearby backyard. Thankfully, the firearm wasn’t reported stolen. Additionally, Butterbaugh led officers to the discarded holster, further solidifying the case against him.

Facing Justice:

Butterbaugh now faces charges of Theft of a Firearm and Tampering with Evidence. Currently detained at the Ross County Jail, he awaits his mandatory court appearance on February 20th, 2024.