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Magic Tunnel Car Wash is Opening!


CIRCLEVILLE – A new car wash option is popping up in town, and in my opinion, we do need it.  Being a person who lives on the North end where there are several car wash locations and when the nasty weather is over, I’ve seen a line of cars on North Court street wanting to get into one of the two car washes.

Magic Tunnel will be located beside 1469 South Court Street in Circleville, in between the new strip mall in construction and Chipotle.  Construction is over and opening day is Monday August 26, 2019.  Owner of Magic Tunnel Roger Beck recently sold his original company Goo-Goo car wash and according to him starting over again.  Beck said the last Goo-Goo car wash was opened in Chillicothe just before he sold the company.

“I always had to drive through Circleville to get to Chillicothe from 23, and I started noticing Circleville was growing quickly.  With some research, Beck saw what an excellent opportunity Circleville was and decided to build.”

Magic Tunnel has opened three locations in Ohio already Tiffin, Sidney, and Troy.

Magic Tunnel will offer an automated service much like other large chains like Moo Moo or Goo Goo car wash, with the free vacuum service, a statement on the webpage says, “Pull into a spot and use the high suction vacuums all you want. Take your time, and the vacuum stays on as long as you need it. Don’t forget to use the mat cleaning machines spaced across the vacuum area. These are quick, easy and also Free!”

Magic Tunnel Express also offers an unlimited monthly pass with its standard wash package at 19.95 a month.  Two other premium packages offered for 15 and 20 dollars per wash but add underbody flush, magic seal, glass and paint treatments.  A break down of the types of services provided can be view on the website here,Magic Tunnel