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Locals Argue Over Closed Dining at Captain D’s in Pickaway County


PICKAWAY – Locals on our Sciotopost News and Photos forum have argued up a storm over when dining rooms will reopen in certain restaurants in the area, one of them being Captain D’s.

The seafood place is just south of Circleville on US-23 and before closing its dining room in 2020 was almost always packed with customers. So a local Tracey Garrett posed a question on our open forum asking, “Captain D’s in Circleville Ohio needs to OPEN their dining room! We all miss it!”

That statement over the next few days exploded to 169 comments and almost 350 thumbs up or hearts in approval.

Some of the comments were positive saying that they don’t mind going through the restaurant drive-thru window and continue to do so. While others said that they now go to Chillicothe or other locations to dine in because they don’t like how the fish is after sitting in the container until they get home to eat it.

Other comments brought up the comments on staffing levels, and all over Pickaway county you can find jobs wanted postings, and maybe running a smaller crew and a drive-thru is the most efficient way of operation for the restaurant?

One thing to note, not one person on the entire thread said that they didn’t like the food, one person complained that they took away the clams since closing the inside seating, it just seems like most people just want more Captain D’s.

James the owner replied on the thread saying employees, supplies, and other roadblocks have stopped him from reopening the dining room.

To find the link where people are talking about this click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sciotopostnewspickaway/permalink/972436616747882/