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Local Warning Community About Locking Doors After Needle Found in Car


CIRCLEVILLE – A local resident is wanting to get the word out about securing your doors, windows, and other locations that could provide shelter to addicts looking for a “Safe” place to get a fix.

On Christmas Eve, Caleb Utt stated that he believes two people broke into his unsecured car. A $200 child’s car seat was stolen from the vehicle, which was quickly replaced by himself. However, upon inspecting the back seat of the car, a needle was found among a stack of papers, which was indicative of someone using his car not just for theft, but a location to inject drugs.

“I was angry about the stolen car seat, but the level of rage that flowed through me when I realized exactly what had happened. That at least two people stepped on my private property, entered my car loaded with indicators that we have children, shot up and then had the audacity to leave their needle and trash for us or my kids to find.”

He noted that the vehicle was just 15 to 20 feet from his residence when this occurred. Outraged, he stated online that.. “I pray there is never a next time, because whoever you are, you will turn to the tap on the window and be staring down the barrel of a shotgun and you’ll have two options available, and if you’re too high, option one of running fast might not be available to you.”

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He also noted that his 4 year-old was just seconds away from potentially being stabbed with the needle, as he was preparing to climb into the replacement car seat after the original had been stolen.

In an interview with the Scioto Post, Caleb stated “I understand how much people struggle with addiction, that is your battle to wage, (but) you can’t children in harm’s way due to negligence…. And be aware that we don’t live in a leave your doors open all day and night society anymore.

Pickaway Area Recovery Services (PARS) is a local recovery center aimed at helping people recover from drug addiction. Their website is: http://www.pickawayarearecoveryservices.com/ , and their phone number is #(740) 477-1745



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