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Local Starts Keep Pumpkin Show Petition after Petition to Close Surfaces


CIRCLEVILLE – A local man, Zachery Colter started a petition online insisting that Pumpkin Show cancelled due to COVID-19 fears. Now another local has also started a petition to keep Pumpkin Show this year and also wants a voice.

Local Kirstin Marks says that, “As many of you know there is a petition to cancel the Pumpkin Show due to COVID-19. Many of Circleville’s small businesses thrive off of the revenue that the Pumpkin Show creates. There are ways around cancelling by having safety precautions, like the Pickaway County fairgrounds. The event is maintaining its show, but they are cancelling rides and taking other precautions to ensure the event still goes on. Why can’t the Pumpkin Show follow suit? Stand with us Circleville.”

Currently the new petition is outpacing the old petition in less than 24 hours see it here: https://www.change.org/p/pickaway-county-health-department-keep-the-circleville-pumpkin-show-if-you-re-scared-stay-at-home?fbclid=IwAR1OPGnckmFCqRNsIqgzBlEqVv_Wz8BOCVQYxYj_ucJK1N3TfuBqd8kBizk

On May 26 Ohio had 33,006 COVID-19 cases to date, and on May 27 33,439 COVID-19 cases in Ohio adding only 433 cases in the entire state of cases. Currently there are 109 local residents who have tested positive 97 of those cases have recovered at this time, leaving only 12 active cases in Pickaway county, some of those active cases are staff members from PCI.

Pickaway County Fairgrounds said on a online post,”We are NOT cancelling the 75th Pickaway County Fair, Though our fair overall will be modified, our jr. fair exhibitors that choose to, can confidently continue working hard on their projects to proudly show their livestock and compete the week of June 20.”

Dewine’s outline for mandatory practices does include food vendors, fair rides, and camping. These mandatory guidelines can be read here: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/static/responsible/County-Fairs.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3hyA_gZ4j2a2Fcnv5UFXk23Bj2FolCqnkrueuKoRVl1ZjVxqoqZty-2ik

Even though Pumpkin Show is five months away still Vice President Barry Keller who also is a Circleville City Councilman spoke during a council meeting on this situation last month.

“Tonight’s Resolution authorizes the Annual Circleville
Pumpkin Show. This year’s show will be the 114 th Pumpkin

This is the normal timing to adopt this Resolution for
planning purposes.

The Pumpkin Show Committee will receive guidance from
State & Local Government Officials. Board of Health and
the OFEA (Ohio Festival and Events Association) for
guidance and “best practices” related to the COVID-19