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Local Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Aggravated Murder


LANCASTER – A local man who has lived in areas of Pickaway county including Circleville plead guilty to attempted aggravated murder this week.

Deputies were dispatched to 2650 Winchester-Southern Rd. in Bloom Township at approximately 9:25 PM on March 29th, 2020 in reference to a 31-year-old, white male subject suffering from a minor gunshot wound.

When police arrived on the scene the suspect was gone, and it took several days for Fairfield sheriff to find the suspect Anthony Cook.

It wasn’t hard to identify who the suspect was though, Cook who was separated from his wife Alissa, who had filed a restraining order on him protecting herself and their children. Alissa had recently moved on and found another person of interest, and that is what infuriated Cook. Multiple threats against the entire family including his Father-in-law. Infuriated with the situation Cook took a gun to his Father-in-Laws home that night where his wife and child was living and waiting in the dark with an attempt to kill them. The boyfriend was shot in the leg, others were shot at before he ran from the home in a getaway.

Cook was not permitted on the premises due to the restraining order because of threats, he also could not own a gun due to have a violent criminal history. He planned out the attack.

Fairfield common pleas judge David Trimmer sentenced Cook to consecutive sentences for his crimes, Cook five years each for the counts of attempted aggravated murder, three years for violating a protection order, and two years for having a weapon under disability.  A total of a minimum of 18 years in prison, up to a maximum of 22 and a half years.

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