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Local man, church elder, arrested for soliciting


CIRCLEVILLE – Developing story.

At approximately 4:30 PM, according to eyewitnesses, plain-clothed Circleville Police Officers apprehended a local man, James W Stangle II, near the intersection of East Main Street and Lancaster Pike in Circleville.

He was booked at the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, and charged with Soliciting (2907.24), and Loitering to engage in solicitation – beckon to, stop, or attempt to stop. (2907.241(A)(1))

According to their website, Jim Stangle is listed as a Lead Elder at New Life Church in Circleville.

The New Life Church administration was contacted but had no comment at this time. We are working with the Circleville Police Department to get more information about the arrest.


  1. Don’t know this man and don’t belong to the Church, but why put the fact that he is an elder at the Church in your headline? I could see if he was arrested for doing what he is being accused of while at the Church but doesn’t appear to be the case. I feel that the Church should decide how to handle his position as Elder if he is indeed guilty. But then again that would take away the premise that one is innocent until proven guilty. And yet no story on the Detective sexting case? hmmmm….

  2. I have known Jim and his wife Janis for years. I am sure there is much more to the story than what the police have listed. I have grown to be ashamed of our PD, not just because of this–but other first hand experience. Jody

  3. If he was a businessman they would have listed that. If he was a politician they would have listed that. He was in the business of “church” so they properly listed that. If you’re disappointed in the disclosure that one of your holier-than-thou organized religion people got busted being a hypocrite – then you might just be a hypocrite too.

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