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Local LuLaRoe Lady Lets On-Line Leggings Lead Sales



In March of this year, local mom Ashley Anderson decided to take on an at-home business called LuLaRoe. In less than six months, the fast-growing clothing business has taken off. Selling from Texas to Guam, she hosts online and in-person parties, selling to women across America.

Each month, sales grow just a little bit, and the result is that Anderson and her husband, Deven, have been able to donate hundreds of dollars in August for back-to-school supplies for families in need. She has also given away free clothing to bless and help out friends and families.

Although the majority of sales are online, Ashley is planning on setting up at Crossroads Church on September 23rd for the Kinsley’s Crew fundraiser and would love to talk to you about LuLaRoe clothing!

If you’d like to read more about their LuLaRoe business, please check out their Facebook page.

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