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Local Gas Station and Bar Faces Scrutiny Over Mysterious Credit Card Charges


Fairfield County, Ohio – A gas station and bar located on the edge of Pickaway County has come under scrutiny after multiple reports of mysterious charges appearing on customers’ credit cards. The Buckeye Station, situated at 11970 Cincinnati Zanesville Rd SW in Stoutsville, is facing allegations of overcharging patrons for purchases made at the establishment.

According to reports received by Sciotopost, customers have noticed unfamiliar charges labeled as “round the clock buckeye” appearing on their credit card statements after making purchases at the Buckeye Station. The facility, which offers a range of services including food, pizza, and regular gas station items, also houses a bar. Several individuals have reported significant overcharges, with one claiming to have been billed over $3,000.

In response to the allegations, the Buckeye Station addressed the issue on their Facebook page, acknowledging that their payment processing system experienced a glitch resulting in incorrect charges. The statement assured customers that actions had been taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. They provided contact information for further inquiries and expressed appreciation for customers’ support.

Despite the station’s reassurances, some affected individuals claim they have yet to receive refunds for the erroneous charges, even after reaching out to the provided contact. Frustrated customers have turned to social media and local news outlets, including Sciotopost, to share their experiences and raise awareness about the issue. Several have initiated police reports with the sheriff’s office, suspecting that there may be additional victims of the overcharging.

The situation has prompted concerns among residents and highlighted the importance of vigilance when monitoring credit card statements for unauthorized charges. As investigations into the matter continue, affected individuals are urged to report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement authorities.