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Local Facebook Site Offers Trades for Items Only


CIRCLEVILLE – A local resident has created a website to help people in need for gifts and items that they can pay for in a different way trade.  Penny Campbell started the Barter ONLY!!.  circleville and surrounding Facebook site for this purpose.

“You know me from my store.  Prices were at the bare minimums I could afford them to be because it was all about helping people get things the wanted and needed affordably, even on fixed incomes. In today’s world, there are many more people who struggle than before. So the thought behind it was, that even if there’s not a penny to spare in a persons budget. It still gives them a place to attempt to get the things they want and need. No cash involved, just get rid of things they no longer need. In the end. One person may not need something anymore, but at least 98% of the time, there are others that could really use it,” said Penny Campbell.

The site is small so far but Campbell hopes it grows for the Christmas season.  Offerings of electronics, video games and house decor are already on the site.  Campbell asks, “if you have toys, games, or holiday decor you would like to barter or trade please consider the site.”

“Rules are simple, No drama. All transactions between you and buyer, no cash, nothing illegal. Be respectful and have fun.” The Facebook site is located here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/383982425349216/
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