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Local Circleville Church Moves Forward With Yearly Fireworks Display


CIRCLEVILLE – New Life Circleville says that they will be hosting the annual firework display this year with a few tweaks.

For five years Tim McGinnis and his pyrotechnic crew who not only attend church at the location but also are a professional firework crew that have set off a firework show that rivals cities like Circleville, Chillicothe, and Washington Court house shows. Why because there is no cost for them as they do the show for free and they just add the money into more firework power.

According to Tim McGinnis New Life’s previous event was 2 1/2 times larger than the Chillicothe event last year. This years is planned to be about as big as Chillicothe’s last year.

However due to COVID-19 there are a few tweeks this year, but they hope to balance that out with an amazing fireworks show. Adjustments that have been made that they will not have inflatables, food, or events like years past. They also will be parking cars “drive in Movie” style to keep with social distancing requirements.

The event will take place September 6, 2020 7pm-9pm at the New Life campus located at 7766 Stoutsville Pike, Circleville, OH. Check out the New Life Facebook page for more updates

This is the live video from the night of the event:

Heres the entire fireworks show!