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Local Boardgame Group Gives Suggestions on Games for Christmas


CIRCLEVILLE – Sciotopost reached out to our local board gaming group Circleville Gaming Group. We asked the group in a sea of board games for sale in the isles of local stores what ones were the most enjoyable and what games were the most enjoyable for teen and children.

For those teens & adults NEW to hobby gaming … All of these games can be had at our local Walmart or GameStop. CATAN – a trading / building game , TICKET TO RIDE – a build the better rail network in the US. PANDEMIC – a cooperative game – players against the game to stop a world wide epidemic. QWIXX – a quick fun dice game and CODENAMES – a word deduction game. All of these are great games for families and friends. All would give a great intoduction to the hobby of board gaming. All can be played in the 45 minute to 90 minute time frame. The sweet spot for family gaming, said George Sauer III Roundtown Gamer President.

For the younger gamers … again games needing to be found online .. CARCASSONE – a tile laying area control game … HAPPY SALMON – a fun fisy pumping – high fiving qick card game. Sorry Sliders – game dexterity – ice curling like game and SUPER RHINO HERO – a card building 3D game – can you add the next layer without knocking over the cards.

For the experienced hobby gamers … – found online game outlets or Amazon. Right now the hot game is TERRAFOMING MARS – 1 to 5 players – 2 to 4 hours of play time – Run a corporation to make Mars livable – can you be the best? – PANDEMIC LEGACY – Cooperative game – can your team save the world. The game can only be played 12 times as the game pieces / boards are modified during play. … Each a month of the year. The results of your prior games will hinder you or help you in your future games.

We are a very welcoming group – We play all types of games … Will teach our great fun favorite games … or will play / learn your favorite fun games. It’s Free … but of course we meet in a working Fire Station so the under teen agers must have their own adult supervision and must stay in the game room and cannot run around the fire station.”

In Circleville we have secured the Circleville Fire Station meeting room for the first Saturday of every month in 2018. If you are in the area and want to boardgame in Roundtown in 2018 join us in the Cville Fire Station Training Room from 11am to 8pm on the first Saturday of every month. We are the Circleville Gaming Group … (I am calling us CiBorG – but nobody else is) For more information on The Circleville Board Game Group look them up on facebook or click this link. https://www.facebook.com/events/1864771733550670/