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Local Artist Makes Realistic Lifelike Dolls


CIRCLEVILLE – Vonda Loats creates Reborn Dolls and is a self-taught artist with a love for realistic creation. “People want to create a baby to look like their own children and reminisce on time gone by. They also help people with alzheimer’s disease cope with life. Some are collector items and gifts,” said Loats. Loats lives in Circleville, OH with “My husband, Greg, my grown daughter Faith, and my son, Alan. I do this because I was a doll lover as a child, and I was amazed when I saw one online and wanted to try and make one myself. I make about forty dolls a year and they usually sell quite fast.”

“I begin with a sculpt, which are actually blank/unpainted doll parts. I use genesis heat-set oil paints to hand-paint veining, followed by multiple layers of flesh, shading, mottling, and blushing. The amount of mottling varies depending on whether or not the doll is an infant or a preemie. Each “layer” is baked for curing.  Glossing is added to add to the realistic look.”

“I then use a needle to micro-root the eyelashes and the hair and seal it inside.  I use mohair and I have shipped in sheep fur from Australia for curly hair. I also attach an industrial magnet in many of my dolls to hold a magnetic pacifier. Most of my dolls have a soft body, which is stuffed with polyfil and fine glass beads.  The glass beads are placed throughout the body and head to weight the doll-like a real baby, so that even the head must be supported. I also place Wonder Wafers inside to give it that “real baby” scent.”

Each doll takes hours to complete. I have been making Reborn Dolls since 2012, and they usually are up for sale very long,” said Loats. In years past she has entered her dolls into the Pumpkin Show contest for Handmade Dolls. She won first prize in 2013. “I mostly make newborn, but I also make preemies, NICU preemies, and occasionally larger babies. I have the lowest priced realistic reborn baby dolls that you will find!”

Generally dolls cost about 175 dollars give or take based on extras or have more questions like Little Pumpkins Boutique on Facebook.For more information on these dolls and how you can adopt

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