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Little Considered the Most Prolific Serial Killer Admits to Four Cold Case Killings in Ohio


OHIO – A man who has claimed to have murdered more than 90 women across at the United States has pleaded guilty on August 23, 2019 to the deaths of four women in Ohio.

In October of 2018, the Texas Rangers were interviewing a man by the name of Samuel Little who was suspected of committing multiple homicides in Texas. In the interviews, Little gave details about killing a female in Cincinnati and leaving her body near Columbus in the 1980s. The Ranger located the information on Anna Stewart by searching the Ohio Attorney General’s website for unsolved homicides and contacted the Grove City Division of Police.

On November 7, 2018 Grove City detectives traveled to Texas and interviewed Samuel Little at the Wise County Sheriff’s Office. Little confessed to the detectives that he murdered Miss Stewart in Cincinnati and then disposed of her body in Grove City. Little provided a detailed account of the murder and provided details to the detectives that matched information and evidence from the 37 year old cold case.

In 2019, the case was presented to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office for review. Prosecutor O’Brien has partnered with Prosecutor Joe Deters of the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office and they have been working together to bring Little to justice. Little was indicted by a Hamilton County Grand Jury on May 30, 2019 for the charge of Murder.

Little already serving multiple life sentences for murders that he was convicted on in 2013 and one in Texas. Little admitted in hearings that he killed two women in Cincinnati and two in Cleveland. If all 90 women are true Little could be the most prolific serial killer in U.S. History. Authorities have confirmed more than 60 of the 93 brutal attacks in 14 different states.

Mark Piepmeier, a Hamilton County prosecutor, said Little told investigators he didn’t kidnap or rape the women, and that he targeted women he didn’t think would be missed right away. Little said he got sexual gratification from strangling women, the prosecutor told the court.

Little already serving multiple life sentences was sentenced to three more life sentences in the Ohio murders two 15 year sentences and one 40 year sentence. Little said that he wants to help identify his victims and close the cold cases now. He said that his health is now failing and he wants to help before he dies.

One female was identified as Anna Stewart, age 32. Miss Stewart was a resident of Cincinnati and had been reported missing in 1981. An autopsy was conducted by the Franklin County Coroner. It revealed Miss Stewart had died from manual strangulation and her death was classified as a homicide. Investigators followed leads on the case for years but could not identify a suspect or find any relation between Miss Stewart and Grove City. The case was entered into the Ohio Attorney General’s website for unsolved homicides.

Authorities said Little strangled to death Mary Jo Peyton, 21, in 1984 and Rose Evans, 32, in 1991.

Authorities are working on a possible 5th victim in the Cleveland area.