Home News Line Cutting at Circleville Rural King Leads to Fight

Line Cutting at Circleville Rural King Leads to Fight


On May 5th, 2024, a disturbance at the Rural King store located at 23625 US 23 South prompted law enforcement intervention, resulting in an arrest and medical attention for the victim.

Circleville Police were dispatched to the scene at 11:21 am, and found himself responding to reports of a fight. Upon arrival, Officer Hollaway encountered a suspect attempting to flee the scene in his truck. Utilizing his cruiser, Hollaway successfully blocked the suspect’s exit. Meanwhile, the victim’s wife, present in the parking lot, provided crucial information, revealing her husband was knocked unconscious inside the store.

Inside Rural King, Hollaway discovered the victim conscious but injured, displaying visible signs of assault. He promptly instructed the suspect to remain at the scene. Subsequently, the suspect admitted to assaulting the victim following an argument over checkout line etiquette. In the report the suspect claims that the man and his wife cut in the check out line and after he pointed that out to them they didn’t move, shortly afterward the suspect then pushed in front of them and punched the man.

The suspect identified as Tommy Lester, the suspect was placed under arrest for assault at 11:58 am. Circleville Fire Medics attended to the victim, who declined hospitalization, and checked the suspect’s wife, who also refused further treatment.

Following medical clearance, Lester was transported to the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office. Meanwhile, Hollaway ensured the victim and his wife were provided with necessary paperwork for victim rights requests, advising them to seek further medical evaluation due to the victim’s reported dizziness.

Subsequent investigation revealed camera footage capturing the altercation, corroborating witness testimonies. The footage shows the suspect instigating the physical altercation by striking the victim, who fell to the ground before the suspect departed.