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Lent Starts Today Here What is Happening

Photo from Christianity.com

OHIO – Lent is being celebrated all over the world today March 2, 2022, you may see some people with a black cross on their forehead and this is what it means.

The season of Lent lasts 40 days to represent the amount of time Jesus spent in the desert — fasting and preparing for his ministry — and to celebrate, many Christians choose to make a sacrifice of their own over those 40 days. 

A promise to sacrifice man Christians choose to give something they hold dear to them for the 40 days or may perform acts of kindness through volunteer work. Roman Catholics in particular but also some Christians give up meat during this season also.

The start day of lent moves along with the Easter holiday, because Easter does not have a specific day but the first Sunday following the full moon or spring equinox.

Christians will celebrate Easter as Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday.