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Lehner Announces Run for Ross County Auditor


ROSS – A Ross County man says that he is throwing his hat in to be the next County Auditor in Ross County.

“Jenni and I moved here in 2011 to raise our family and start our business.  Ross County is an awesome community, filled with good people.  We work hard and look out for each other here.  It’s a great place to earn a living and teach & raise kids.  For these reasons, Ross County is the place we’re proud to call home.

I will bring valuable private sector experience to the Auditor’s office to ensure that our hard-earned tax dollars are distributed transparently, effectively and efficiently.  I will be a steady, reliable watchdog for Ross County taxpayers.  This is the Auditor’s purpose, and my experience and long-held conservative views on taxes & spending have prepared me well for this responsibility.  I will bring the same approach to the county’s business as I have my own: ‘What’s working?’  ‘What needs to change?’  ‘How can we be more efficient?’

I am a proud Republican and I know our party will be strong and united this year and next.  But I want Democrats and Independents to know that I’ll work hard to earn their support as well.  Effective leadership requires bringing people of diverse opinions and backgrounds together to solve problems.  I have done this throughout my professional career and I’ll do it as Ross County’s next Auditor.

Thank you Ross County, I appreciate this opportunity and I will do a great job for you.  See you on the trail.”

Currently (D) Tom Spetnagel, Jr. is the Counties Auditor, he was the youngest in the county at age 27 to be elected as auditor to the City of Chillicothe, and only person who has held both the City and County Auditor positions.