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Legislation Introduced to Establish Child Care Cred Program in Ohio


State Representative Mark Johnson (R-Chillicothe) convened a press conference in Columbus today to unveil forthcoming legislation aimed at assisting families in accessing affordable, high-quality child care.

The proposed legislation seeks to establish the Child Care Cred Program under The Department of Children and Youth. This initiative would facilitate cost-sharing for child care expenses among participating employees, employers, and the department.

Johnson emphasized the importance of investing in Ohio’s child care programs to maintain the state’s reputation as “business-friendly” while addressing the needs of working families. He highlighted the bill’s potential to retain talent, alleviate child care costs, and bolster businesses and child care providers.

The proposed legislation earmarks $10 million for the program, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, all child care providers must hold appropriate licensure or certification under Ohio law.

Eligibility for participation in the program entails several criteria, including residency in the state for employees, selection by employers, and compliance with licensing or certification requirements for child care providers. Both employees and employers must submit applications to participate.

Johnson was joined at the press conference by Senator Michelle Reynolds, Rick Carfagna, Senior Vice President of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, and Marvin Jones, CEO of Goodwill Industries of South Central Ohio, along with other supporters.

While the legislation awaits assignment of a bill number and committee review, a companion bill, Senate Bill 273, has been introduced in the Ohio Senate to provide additional support to Ohio families.

Reynolds echoed Johnson’s sentiments, emphasizing the vital role of child care in supporting families and fostering economic growth. She stressed that the rising cost of child care presents challenges for households and businesses alike, underscoring the importance of Senate Bill 273 in addressing these issues and ensuring access to quality child care for all Ohioans.