Home News Lancaster Mayor Negotiates Stand Down Order to Protests After Violence

Lancaster Mayor Negotiates Stand Down Order to Protests After Violence


LANCASTER – Over the weekend violence erupted when two protests clashed in Downtown Lancaster, now Mayor of Lancaster David Scheffler has stepped in and asked for a stand down.

Since June several people have been protesting in the downtown area of Lancaster, this has been mostly for Black Lives matter, and have been peaceful with no reports of problems until recently.

According to the Mayor that all changed over the last few weeks when more people started showing up to the protests including anti-protesters. This came to a head over the weekend when antagonism became physical and two people were injured.

Those injuries were reported as minor but the Mayor and the city Administration jumped in almost immediately to negotiate peace.

According to the Mayor the city, police department and himself met with both parties and both parties say that they do not want violence. The mayor offered a solution, to stay home this week.

“This time in history is stressful and sometimes overwhelming on many levels. We care about each other and the community in which we live, work, study, and explore. It is up to us to conscientiously do our part to keep it safe and peaceful. We achieve that friendly, welcoming nature by employing patience and an understanding that there are other perspectives,” said Mayor David Scheffler.