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Lancaster Festival Booms for Local Economy, Bringing Millions and Joy

Lancaster festival

The Lancaster Festival isn’t just about celebrating art and music; it’s a major economic engine for Fairfield County and the entire state of Ohio, according to a recent analysis.

Bringing in 50,000 visitors each summer, the 2023 festival generated a whopping $12.5 million impact on the state, with $9.9 million directly benefiting Fairfield County, according to Silverlode Consulting. That’s equivalent to every dollar invested in the festival generating $13.67 locally and an additional $3.58 statewide!

But the benefits go beyond just numbers. Over 50 events across 20 locations throughout the county fill the last two weeks of July with joy and cultural celebration. Visitors spend big too, generating $5.2 million in lodging, food, and retail sales, giving a much-needed boost to local businesses. Downtown Lancaster sees a 50% spike in revenue during the festival, and hotels reach near-100% occupancy.

“The impact on our community is undeniable,” said Deb Connell, Executive Director of the Lancaster Festival. “Not only does it bring in millions, but it creates 99 jobs and supports 67 households right here in Fairfield County. We also can’t thank our volunteers enough, who contribute a staggering $408,000 in labor value each year.”

This year marks the festival’s 40th anniversary, and with even bigger plans in the works, 2024 promises to be another record-breaking year. The full schedule will be announced later this spring, but one thing’s for sure: the Lancaster Festival is more than just an event; it’s a vibrant celebration of community, art, and economic prosperity.

Looking for more details? The full Economic Impact Analysis is available on the festival website at lancasterfestival.org.