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Judge Dumm Offers DUI Offenders SCRAM

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The SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) may be saving Circleville taxpayers and holding people accountable, but how do the citizens of Pickaway County feel about it?

According to Municipal Judge Gary Dumm about SCRAM, “It’s an amazing tool I want the people to know about. It monitors people by continuous accountability of alcohol levels. I use this tool with people who don’t need to be in jail but still need to be accountable for their actions.”

The SCRAM device offers location monitoring and alcohol monitoring for people who would normally have had a jail sentence. Dumm champions this method because it costs the offender $14 per day to operate the device compared to $78 per day to keep the offender in jail. 

“We can keep people from loss of job, destabilization of family, and save taxpayer money,” said Dumm.

SCRAM is a proven system, developed in 1985, beta tested in 2002. SCRAM is now used in 49 states as an effective tool for alcohol abuse and location monitoring. SCRAM claims to have 2 billion alcohol readings and to be the most frequent testing protocol in the world.

Comment below on your thoughts about Pickaway County utilizing this device as an alternative to jail time.

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