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Investigation Launched into Excessive Force During Pickaway County Traffic Stop


Circleville – A investigation has been launched into why a police dog was deployed after a man seemed to be complying.

The incident occurred on July 4, 2023, when 23-year-old Jadarrius Rose failed to stop an Ohio State Police Officer due to having a missing mudflap on the semi-truck he was driving. When the officer turned on his lights for a traffic stop Rose didn’t stop but ran in the semi truck.

 The chase started on US-35 in Ross County when OSP attempted to stop the Western Express driver. When the trooper got behind the semi it didn’t stop but kept going. The chase continued on US-35 and onto US-23 where the semi ran at 60 mph, but continued to run even with several units joining the chase. Rose stopped for troopers along US-23 for a minute but then took off again. After the over 20-mile chase, OSP Officers decided to use stop sticks on the semi to slowly deflate the tires when Rose continued to dangerously swerve around vehicles in his attempted escape.

Stop sticks were used in North Ross County on US23 and took out some of the semis left side tires. This slowed the semi to around 30 mph. Eventually, the driver came to a stop in the area of Orr road on the Pickaway County Ross County line where he stopped and got out of the truck on commands. OSP troopers requested a bite dog to the scene from the Circleville Police Department.

Recently released body cam footage shows what happened next. The body-camera video shows the German Shepherd K-9, a member of the Circleville, Ohio, Police Department, arriving at the scene and initially being held back by its handler as troopers yelled to Rose, “Get on the ground or you’re going to get bit.”

The footage shows Rose with his hands in the air and responding to both the OSP troopers that are on one side of the interstate and the Circleville K9 officer on the other side. Both giving commands for Rose to comply with different orders.

During the video, you can hear OSP officers say, “Do not release the dog with his hands up.” several times. Shortly afterward the video shows the dog being released, but the dog at first doesn’t go towards Rose who has his hands up in the air, but towards the troopers. A command to return is yelled by the Circleville K9 officer then the dog is redirected to Rose who in the video was on his knees with his hands raised. Rose is attacked by the dog and bit on the forearm.

Ohio State highway patrol released a statement, “As troopers were attempting to gain compliance by providing verbal commands to the suspect, the Circleville Police Department deployed their canine, which resulted in the suspect being bitten by the canine.”

Rose was taken into custody and troopers are seen in the video rendering aid to the man and bandaging the wound. Rose was taken to the local hospital and treated for the injury. He was charged by OSP in Ross County with Failure to Comply.

The Circleville Police Department said the city’s Use of Force Review Board is conducting an investigation. K9 Serg has been taken to a special kennel where he is being held. Officer Speakman has been placed on leave until the review is finished.

Sciotopost has requested bodycam video from the K9 officer and documentation since July 4th from the Circleville Police Department and has yet to receive it. The only information that has been released has been that the incident is under review.