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Investigation into Criminal Network of Moving Drugs into Pickaway County Prison


PICKAWAY COUNTY – A investigation was launched in 2022 after a large drug drop was seized on the property of the Pickaway County Institution that revealed an intricate network of drug and contraband movements inside the walls of the prison were being done by a network of convicted criminals.

According to several Pickaway County law enforcement sources, including the Pickaway county sheriff’s Office, OSP, and Pickaway County courts. On August 11, 2022, PCI prison staff located a large bag of contraband on prison grounds that contained cell phones, tobacco, 200 grams of marijuana, and 300 grams of methamphetamine. This was found after a contraband cell phone was found in the possession of Inmate Stefan Breedlove on August 4, 2022, who was using the phone to connect himself with other inmates within the prison community to move drugs and illegal items not only in Pickaway County but also Ross County prisons. Through the forensic download of Breedlove’s phone, it contained information that linked him to four other inmates in the system, Johnny Tiller, Jewel Gatlin, Marcus Henderson, and Issac Scott, along with two outside persons who were coordinating the illegal drops from orders from Inmate Tiller.

Jewel Gatlin

According to documents two females worked on the outside with orders from inmates inside using cell phone text, video, and photo communication. Both women were in relationships with inmates, Tempest Booth who took orders from Jewel Gatlin, and Dawn Ramsey who was the drug mule that took orders from Johnny Tiller. Documents revealed that Ramsey visited Tiller at both Ross County Institution and Pickaway County.

Stefan Breedlove

Cell phone evidence presented in the Pickaway County court system showed that Marcus Henderson known as “Hindu” was responsible for moving drugs around in Pickaway County prison along with coordinating where to make the contraband drops, including photos of maps of PCI grounds. These drops were done by Dawn Ramsey, who received the prepacked package from Tempest Booth who was in charge of putting together the grocery list of items including the phones and drugs.

Marcus Henderson

Breedlove also contacted Isaac Scott another inmate within the walls and instructed Scott to move money via Cashapp for drugs and contraband that had moved through the prison system prior to the investigation. In subpoenaed cash app records it showed that multiple transactions related to the sale of drugs and illegal items had been going on for some time before the investigation launched. Scott’s Cashapp showed thousands of dollars being transferred into his account, which he, in turn, would transfer via cash app to Tiller, and Breedlove with slang terms like “bands” and “grab this ice.” Tiller in turn would cash app Ramsey to deal with the buying of items outside the walls.

Information gathered by investigators showed another drop was to occur when Tiller’s phone was seized. Tiller then used the prison phone system to call Dawn Ramsey in an attempt to cancel the drop and wipe his phone remotely using his passcodes. The drop occurred the night of November 15th or the morning of the 16th, that drop was also seized by PCI and included over 400 grams of methamphetamine. Shortly afterwards Dawn Ramsey was taken into custody.

Dawn Ramsey

Since then Ramsey has pled guilty to attempted illegal conveyance, and as a plea deal will be a witness at any trials in the future.

Johnny Tiller

Johnny Tiller 56, has also pleaded guilty to Engaging in a pattern of Corrupt activity, aggravated trafficking in drugs, and illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse into the grounds of a detention facility. He received 13 years for his crimes.

Jewel Gatlin case is still pending in Pickaway County Common Pleas

Marcus Henderson case is still pending in Pickaway County Common Pleas

Stefan Breedlove case is still pending in Pickaway County Common Pleas

Tempest Booth has pleaded guilty to Aggravated Trafficking in drugs, and Illegal Conveyance of drugs of abuse onto the grounds of a detention facility. A presentence investigation has currently been ordered