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Internet and Broadband Down in the North Pickaway Area


COMMERICAL POINT – According to a representative of Intelliwave a major fiber line has been cut in the Circleville area and has caused a outage in the Commercial Point and North Pickaway Area since around noon today.

According to a service letter service will be interrupted until at least 6 pm and they will notify customers if it is extended past then.

According to Intelliwave, “This is Intelliwave Broadband with a notice informing you the service at your location is still down due to a network outage with our upstream provider. Their technicians are working on the outage and have now given us an estimated time of repair of 6pm. If the outage is extended beyond 6pm, and we get further updates from our provider, we will update you as soon as information is available. We thank you for your cooperation while we work to resolve the outage.”

The CEO of Intelliwave said, “he would like to remind people to call before they dig and this could have prevented this outrage.”

Reports from Commerical facebook page say that the area is looking pretty grim, “Intelliwave is down! If there are any survivors out there we have shelter and water. I’m forced to use cellular data to communicate but I should receive your cries for help in a timely manner. Don’t worry! Just hold your pets and kids, I assure you help is on the way!”