Home News Inadequate Record-Keeping Puts Township in Fayette County on State’s Unauditable List

Inadequate Record-Keeping Puts Township in Fayette County on State’s Unauditable List


Fairfield County – Madison County cannot be audited by state accountants.

That’s because not enough records were kept for the period January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020 to complete the audit according to a news release provided by the office of Keith Faber, Ohio’s auditor.

The office last week sent a letter to the Township declaring the township “unauditable”

“Now more than ever, local governments need to be open and transparent about their finances and that requires them to file their financial records for audit,” Auditor Faber said. “Should the township need help preparing their records, our Local Government Services team is more than willing to assist, said Keith Faber, Ohio’s auditor.

This declaration comes after auditors were unable to obtain a complete set of financial statements including footnotes for 2019 and 2020.

On April 19, 2021 and May 3, 2021, July 7, 2021 and August 2, 2021 the Auditor of State emailed (and called on two occasions) Myron Miller, Fiscal Officer, regarding the lack of filing of complete financial statements, including footnotes and the documents needed to complete the audit. Information was provided to Mr. Miller to assist in completion of the required documents. Auditors also contacted the Township Trustees on two separate occasions and discussed the lack of financial filing with the Fayette County Commissioners and the Fayette County Prosecutor. The Township was also considered unauditable for 2017-2018.

Within 90 days from receiving the letter, the township must revise their financial records and provide the data necessary to complete the audit. Failure to bring the accounts, records and reports into an auditable condition within ninety days may result in legal action. This action may result in the Attorney General issuing a subpoena for Fiscal Officer Myron Miller to appear in the Auditor’s office to explain their failure to provide their financial records. Also, the Attorney General may file suit to compel the official to prepare and/or produce the necessary information to complete the audit.