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Home-Crafted Fungi a Part of Chillicothe Farmers Market

Home-grown fungi from "Appalachia Unveiled" is a recent addition to the Chillicothe Farmers Market.

Chillicothe and Portsmouth — Mushrooms and other edible fungi from “Appalachia Unveiled” became a part of the Chillicothe Farmers Market in 2023.

I chatted with Bailey and Dan who had a display of the curious plant-like delicacies. I know my edible flowering plants, but not fungi, so I asked them to educate me a little on them. They explained how they grow their crops from wood pellets, how best to cook them, and what they taste like – which can be surprising.

They said that some mushrooms make good vegan meat replacements, and deserve to the be main course. We both agreed that the off-the-shelf button mushrooms used as toppings are barely the tip of the iceberg of edible fungi potential.

Appalachia Unveiled offered three species of mushrooms at the Chillicothe Farmers Market.

Bailey and Dan both teach at Shawnee State, and their “Appalachia Unveiled” is based in West Portsmouth, so it’s an hour’s drive for them – but they say they feel welcome at the Chillicothe Farmers Market, and hope winter weather will not keep them from driving up. They have been a part of the market since May.

Another new vendor this year serves cotton candy, but they were at the market only when it was warmer, like festival warmth – for festival food.

Appalachia Unveiled’s mushrooms can be also found at Hirsch Market on Seney Road behind Olive Garden on Bridge Street.

Learn much more on Appalachia Unveiled and their produce in the interview video below. Also see my story yesterday on the Winter Chillicothe Farmers Market.

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