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Harrison Township Fire Department Welcomes New Assistant Chief


Ashville, Ohio (February 2024) – The Harrison Township Division of Fire announced the reinstatement of the “Assistant Chief” position and the appointment of Captain Colt Cline to fill the role. This change aims to address the growing demands of the department due to increased housing and commercial development in the district.

Rationale for the Addition:

  • Fire Chief Shawn Davidson explains that the current staffing model was reaching its limits due to the rising number of calls (2,736 in 2023).
  • The Assistant Chief role, previously eliminated, will provide additional leadership and support to operational staff.
  • Former Chief Chad Noggle initially identified the need for the position, and Fire Chief Davidson continued discussions with Township officials who ultimately approved the reinstatement.

New Assistant Chief and His Goals:

  • Assistant Chief Cline brings 17 years of experience as a firefighter paramedic, 15 of them spent with Harrison Township.
  • He expresses excitement about his new role and plans to:
    • Increase public outreach from the fire department.
    • Ensure the department effectively serves the needs of the expanding community.

Effective Date:

  • Cline will officially begin his duties as Assistant Chief in April 2024.

Overall Significance:

This announcement highlights the fire department’s commitment to adapting to the changing needs of the community. The addition of an Assistant Chief role aims to enhance both leadership and operational efficiency, ultimately benefiting the safety and well-being of residents