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Hargus Lake Update, Waters Up! Time for Fishing?


CIRCLEVILLE – Ohio DNR gave us an update today on what is going on at our local state park, Hargus Lake. If you have been to Hargus Lake the last year you would notice that the water is much lower than normal, and this is on purpose.

In 2021, ODNR reduced the water in the lake for rehabilitation and construction, of the aging dam 50 feet. Since then construction has been ongoing and we heard today that they are ahead of schedule and will be opening sooner than the fall plan.

“We are ahead of schedule,” said ODNR, “If you come to Hargus lake today you will notice that the water is back up to almost normal levels due to flooding in the area water levels have risen and we are keeping it that way. Water levels are now high enough to launch a boat and go fishing. Some trails will remain closed until construction is finished on the dam, but it will be sooner than later.”

The new project will include installing a new spillway and rehabilitating the downstream slope of the dam that was originally constructed in 1947 and reconstructed in 1956. Around 10-15 acres of trees will be cleared for the project.

Today ODNR released a map of what the new dam would look like when it opens in 2022. This will include additional pedestrian trails, a Pedestrian bridge crossing, and a new dam crossing.