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Grass Clippings in the Roadway? Some Local Ordinances Make it Illegal and Subject to Civil Suit


CHILLICOTHE – Its spring time, and lawn grass is getting tall and homeowners are starting to mow. This reminds people of a potential safety hazard of blowing clippings into the roadway.

Most motorcyclists feel that blowing clippings and leaves into roadways caused a slip hazard that can be dangerous for motorcycles. While Ohio doesn’t have a law against it, some cities have passed local ordnances against the practice.

In 2019 Chillicothe City Council passed an addition to an already passed ordinance to include grass clippings in the document. Ordinance 311.01 “placing injurious material or obstruction in street to include grass, leaves and other debris.” Prior to the the addition the Ordinance only included intent to harm debris like nails, bottles, glass, or other articles with intent to harm, and was subject to interpretation and according to police not applicable to grass, because grass is only “harmful” to bikes for turning and breaking.

Grass clippings in roadways have become a viral discussion on many platforms, questioning the danger it imposes on motorcycles.

Checking local ordinances or even avoiding the practice could keep people safe and without the possibility of a civil suit if your city or town has passed laws against it.