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Gov Dewine Vetos Transgender Athlete Bill From Becoming Law


OHIO – Governor Dewine has vetoed House Bill 68 from becoming law, stating that he’s trying to save lives.

During a press conference today, he said that he could not sign the bill that would affect children’s lives in a negative way.

“One thing I think is clear to me is that both sides want what is best for children,” said Dewine.

The Governor had ten days to decide on signing the bill into law or Vetoing it, since last week Dewine has visited doctors and hospitals and spoke to families that this bill would affect.

Governor Jon Husted who usually sides with Governor Dewine was in full support of the bill.

The Bill House Bill 68, sponsored by Representative Jena Powell (R-Lima), aims to enact the “Saving Ohio Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act” and the “Save Women’s Sports Act” in Ohio. These provisions have generated significant debate, primarily on issues of transgender rights and healthcare access for minors.

Key provisions of the bill:

Saving Ohio Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act:

  • Prohibits gender-affirming medical treatment for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria: This includes puberty blockers, hormones, and surgical procedures.
  • Requires healthcare providers to refer minors experiencing gender dysphoria to mental health professionals.
  • Prohibits schools from discussing topics related to gender identity and sexual orientation with students in kindergarten through third grade.
  • Requires schools to inform parents/guardians if their child expresses gender dysphoria or identifies as transgender.

Save Women’s Sports Act:

  • Requires interscholastic athletic teams to be designated for male or female athletes based on a student’s biological sex assigned at birth.
  • Prohibits transgender girls from competing on girls’ athletic teams at all levels, from primary school to college.